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Matt Workman

Certified Personal Trainer, Owner

Workman Training is for everyone.  You don’t need any prior fitness experience to work with me. The only thing you need is motivation to make a change and a desire to work hard.  There is a lot of misinformation in the fitness community selling you immediate results that you can’t maintain, and even worse, potentially dangerous products and outcomes.  What you will find here is simple. I provide effective strategies to achieve lasting results and real change.  There are no shortcuts or quick fixes that leave you starting over year after year.  At Workman Training you will learn healthy and achievable lifestyle changes to help you set goals that you can stick to.  Your goals become my goals and I provide the structure, guidance, and motivation to push you to achieve them.


I am just like you, a normal everyday person.  I am not a fitness model, bodybuilder, or powerlifter.  I just want to live a healthy and fulfilling life on my terms and help others do the same.  After years of working in corporate finance, I found myself uninspired and on a path I knew was not right for me or my health. This experience and my passion for fitness has allowed me to help others learn to meet their goals no matter what their life or work environment. I understand the difficulties of balancing life’s responsibilities and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The best ways to set yourself up for success are having intrinsic motivation, building a support system, and specific guidance when it comes to making this a priority.  It doesn’t matter where you are starting, only where you are going. Let’s do this together.  

Dr. Cassandra Sharp PT, DPT

Women's Health and Anxiety Coach, Yoga Instructor

Cassandra is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a B.S. in Exercise Science and Nutrition from Ohio State. She teaches a variety of fitness classes, yoga, and meditation. She is also a Women's Health Coach and runs her own business, All About That Breath where she specializes in anxiety and stress management. If you are interested in learning more about Cassandra or in health/anxiety coaching, check out her website at

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